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Meet EU Stage V without DPF.

For most compact machinery the upcoming emission regulation EU Stage V will be a challenging task regarding the installation of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) system. But there is a way for hydrostatic driven applications up to 30 kilowatts to meet these legal requirements without using a DPF.

Innovation required towards 2019.

DPF needs space


The expectations in operator comfort and small dimensions of compact machinery are still increasing. Installing a space consuming DPF system requires a complete redesign of the equipment.

DPF needs load


The operating cycles of compact machinery are often short. That is why their workload in total is low. But starting the regeneration process of a DPF during operation high temperature and so high load is required.

DPF costs money


If your customers have to pay more for a new equipment they are expecting more. Using a modern engine a DPF has no direct benefit for the operator. On the contrary, the maintenance effort of the machinery increases.


Go below 19 kilowatts –

forget the DPF.

Your compact machinery

  • is designed to lift heavy loads at low speed,

  • has to drive fast at high speed and

  • is powered by up to 30 kilowatts today?


There is a chance to meet EU Stage V without DPF. Particle numbers will not be regulated in the output class below 19 kilowatts. That is why a DPF does not need to be installed when using a modern diesel engine. Improving some product characteristics a 18.4 kilowatts concept will work for your equipment, too. 


What will be needed?

Mi​nor improvements

Adjusting some product features like top speed at maximum inclination has a huge effect. Reducing some centimetres per second is nearly not noticeable for the operator, but offers you the possibility to reduce the output requirements below 19 kilowatts.

High torque …

Replacing the power of a conventional engine with up to 30 kilowatt you will need a maximum torque of more than 130 newton metres.

Also a steep curve has to ensure power reserves in case of overload during operation.

… at low speed

Using a modern diesel engine that provides its top performance at the optimum operating point ensures low level of noise, low wear, long lifetime and saves fuel.


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